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Meeting Your Court Reporting Needs

At Cameo Kayser & Associates, we provide a rapid and reliable transcript delivery, as well as a daily and expedited transcripts. We specialize in complex multi-party litigation services.


  • Video Conferencing - NEW! - Cameo Kayser & Associates has partnered with Glowpoint to offer video conferencing services for our clients. Glowpoint manages thousands of telepresence and video conferencing rooms, produces hundreds of thousands of video conferences annually, and has enabled millions of minutes for video conference meetings and direct video calling. Our partnership allows us to seamlessly video conference thousands of locations in a reliable manner. Learn more about our Video Conferencing Services here.

  • ASCII - A computer term which stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. ASCII (pronounced "askee") is a means of exchanging text among dissimilar computers and computer programs. The term ASCII in court reporting is usually used to mean a file on a diskette, or the diskette itself, which contains an ASCII copy of the text of a transcript. Having the ASCII of a transcript allows a law firm to load the text into a computer for fast searches and extractions of portions of the testimony.

  • Condensed Transcripts - Condensed transcripts provide litigators with the ultimate efficiency, economy, and quality in preparing their cases. By eliminating up to 93% of the paper found in traditional transcripts, condensed transcripts enable you to find relevant facts faster and more conveniently, and dramatically cuts copying, postage, and storage costs.

  • E-transcript™ - This read-only, encrypted, password-protected transcript is delivered through the convenience of e-mail. Transcript format includes a hyperlinked word index, which saves you time in digesting and summarizing proceedings.

  • Interpreters - From a select list of highly experienced professionals, we can provide simultaneous or consecutive interpreters for your deposition setting with expertise in a wide variety of subject matter areas, including legal, medical, business, scientific, engineering, marketing, and architectural fields. Whatever the language, CK&A can arrange for an interpreter to translate it for you.

  • Rough ASCII - A term that refers to the first, rough translation of the reporter's notes into English. Because the text has not yet been edited and proofread by the reporter, the reporter cannot certify that the record is complete and correct. Therefore, the text is said to be uncertified. Provided at the end of the deposition, the attorney has a rough version of the testimony immediately following the deposition.

  • Videographers - Over the years technological advances in video equipment has had a dramatic effect on the legal profession. Video has proven to be an effective legal tool both in and out of the courtroom. Whether it's a video deposition, day-in-the-life video, accident re-creation, or duplicating confidential video evidence, CK&A will arrange for a Certified Legal Video Specialist to videotape it for you.